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I honestly don't know if I can put into words how wonderful Mariel was to work with. Beginning with our first meeting, my daughter and I knew Mariel was the perfect fit. She was just the right balance of sweet and caring, with a dash of let's get this done! She is prompt and organized and full of countless ideas to help make your vision a reality. She guided us through a seamless process with no detail missed, and then it was wedding time. When we arrived for our rehearsal we knew the weather was not looking good for the following day. Mariel walked us through a plan for an outside ceremony as well as one under the large tent our venue offered.

My daughter had always dreamed of an outdoor wedding and when we visited the venue she fell in love with the ceremony space in front of a beautiful pond. We kept checking the weather and were all hopeful we would only have a drizzle or that there would be a break in the rain for the ceremony. Mariel was prepared for whatever the day held. She met with our florist, beverage team and DJ so that everyone would be set up for all scenarios. Thankfully, the team decided to move all the florals, music and cocktail hour to the tent, all while still hoping for the slight possibility of a simple outside ceremony if the weather allowed. Mariel met us at our venue the day of the wedding and worked for hours in the rain to make sure everything was perfect. I'm pretty sure at this point as the rain continued to fall most of us thought the wedding would take place under the tent. We went back and forth for hours on what to do, still hopeful the rain would slow down.

Mariel was patient and understanding and continued to shuffle and pivot with a smile on her face. Guests were welcomed under the tent to keep them as dry and warm as possible. Did I mention we also had record low temperatures?? We had pushed it to the last second and it was time to make the call. My daughter wanted to go for it. We told Mariel and she said...Let's do it! She worked to move the guests, making sure they had umbrellas, hustled to dry chairs, and lined the bridal party up, in now what was nothing less than a downpour. With rain, umbrellas in hand, and laughter my daughter got to have the outdoor location she had hoped for.

It was definitely a memorable moment. Even under these circumstances Mariel worked wonders. All of the guest returned to the tent where Mariel continued to plan with our pastor to conclude some elements of the ceremony that had to be left out due to the weather. I must say this part of the ceremony was my favorite! A huge thank you to Mariel for making it happen. Our pastor who has done hundreds of weddings said, "Your coordinator is the best I have had the pleasure of working with." As the evening continued, Mariel, who was wet and I am sure cold, never complained and handled the night with joy and and kindness. I can't begin to imagine what this night would have been like without Mariel steering the ship (a ship would have been helpful!). We truly can't compliment or thank Mariel enough! She took rain and turned it into sunshine.


- Amy Beth (Mother of the Bride)


"Matt and I hired Mariel to be our coordinator after we received raving reviews from my best friend and her family. Mariel is organized, well planned, and clearly has worked in this industry long enough to have tons of connections and experiences to draw from.  She was the perfect coordinator for us because when I needed her guidance, she was available, but when I could take something myself, she gave us the space.

When it came to our actual wedding day, hiring Mariel as our coordinator relieved so much stress. My favorite service she offered was prior to our wedding, my mom and I handed off all of our décor.  Mariel transported, styled, and collected our items at the end of the night.  My family and I were able to enjoy the entire day without worrying about the small things and were able to freely leave the reception at the end of the night.  This is even a little embarrassing but when Matt and I left our receptions, we were crying because we had such a perfect day and that was due to Mariel’s hard work.

If you are looking for a laid back, detail oriented, problem-solving coordinator, then you should hire Mariel! " 



"I can't even begin to imagine what planning my wedding would have looked like without Mariel's help. I'm so glad to have found Mariel early on in the wedding planning process, because she was seriously there for me every step of the way. Knowing I had her on my team took all my stress away. Mariel attended various appointments with my mom and I, had great vendor suggestions, and answered every single random, little, detailed question I ever sent her way (and trust me, between my mom and I, I'm sure we filled up her inbox)! Mariel had an amazing way of taking all of my thoughts and ideas and turning them into reality. The timeline she created and distributed to all of my vendors was so precise, so timely, and so "us." I slept well every night leading up to the wedding because I knew that everything was under control and in the best hands. Needless to say, my wedding day was absolutely perfect and a day that I wish I could relive over and over again, thanks to Mariel and her team.

Mariel is professional, she is sweet and kind, she is organized, and she was such a joy to work with. Trust me, your wedding day will be every bit as beautiful and perfect as you've ever dreamed if you've got Mariel on your team! THANK YOU, Mariel, you're a rockstar!"


"Before you do any more wedding planning- stop- call Mariel! You need Mariel with Beautiful Day Wedding Coordination! I cannot say enough about Mariel. As a bride with Mariel by my side, I did not stress, not one bit. Mariel is a "day of coordinator" but she really is so much more. She is there for you the whole way with advice and answers to all of the crazy questions you can come up with. I always appreciated her honest advice and vendor recommendations. I am not sure what I would have done without Mariel. She always set my mind at ease and made my wedding dreams come true.


She took all of my planning and thoughts and somehow organized them all into this amazing wedding day timeline. Even my other vendors were extremely impressed with how organized and on-top of things Mariel was. I put all of my faith and trust in Mariel, and she made my wedding happen. On your wedding day, you don't want to worry about a thing, and Mariel makes that happen. If anything went wrong, I still don't know about it! She is professional, organized, and made my wedding day, a day I want to live over and over again. So stop reading reviews, and give her a call- it will be the best thing you do for your wedding!"


"A little over 3 months ago, my daughter became a Mrs. to a wonderful Mr. on a beautiful day at Morning Glory Farm, who required a “day of” wedding coordinator. Were we ever blessed to come across Mariel of Beautiful Day Wedding Coordination! She helped their vision become a reality, spending many hours to make it happen. Her coordinating efforts went above and beyond my expectations and awarded me, as mother of the bride, the chance to enjoy and take in this momentous occasion. 

Mariel brought many attributes to the table that served to put us at ease and relieved much of the natural stress of putting together a wedding. At every encounter, whether in person or by email, she acted professionally, promptly, and definitely with passion! It quickly became clear that she loves what she does, she likes to be organized, and she’s always smiling! From our very first meeting, she displayed confidence and articulated clearly what she was able to do for us as well as giving us the freedom to call or email her whenever we needed. She even volunteered to lend us serving dishes from her own kitchen! And as our day approached & we still needed to finish up some chalkboard signage she volunteered to do them and did so beautifully.

A wedding has many moving parts and Mariel kept in excellent communication with our selected vendors, shared her expertise with us, offered up ideas without being pushy, and even stored, transported, set up and disassembled our plethora of decorations & props-working right up to the end of the wedding evening when she rescued this mama who was no longer capable of making decisions that needed to be made. (Note: her request that the décor items be dropped off at her home a week prior to the wedding day is brilliant!It gives everyone a window of margin and hopefully keeps the bride from last minute, late night scurrying before her big day).
Mariel always displayed calm, even when things went a little differently than planned. We had every confidence going into the big day that the details would be in good hands and the peace of mind she gave us allowed us to thoroughly enjoy one of the happiest days ever! Many, many thanks to Mariel and her staff!"               

                                                                                                                                                                                    - MOTHER OF THE BRIDE

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